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SAM seamless network
Senior Automation Engineer
SAM is a leading provider of security and...

We’re looking for an experienced and independent Senior Automation Engineer to join us! 

This opportunity will provide you with challenging work and the ideal environment to develop your career and technical skills, while working with a team of talented professionals. 

You will join a dynamic team responsible for creating automation tools for our security SAAS solution. Your focus will be on improving and creating our automation infrastructure and automated tests for SAM products, including iOS/android apps, web services, and end-point agents. 

4+ years of automation development experience
2+ years of Python development
Proven Linux experience (including bash scripting)
Familiarity with cloud environments (AWS)
Willingness to learn new technologies and exploit them to their optimal potential
Ability to develop test strategies
Mentoring and working with the Automation/QA team


BS or MS degree in computer science, computer engineering, or other technical disciplines
Networking experience
Multi-disciplinary QA experience (mobile, web, hardware, REST)
Experience with load/stress tests
Experience with Relational and non-relational DBs
Any of the following technologies/skills/concepts: Jenkins, pytest, ELK, CI/CD

Feb 17, 6:27 PM

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