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Full Stack Developer
Early stage startup that is revolutionizi...

Our product is built on an NX Monorepo, with NestJS (Typescript, NodeJS) and a MongoDB database on the server side, and two NextJS (React) applications on the client side.
Communication between the client and the server is powered with GraphQL.

We’re big believers in great developer experience and work hard to maintain and
improve it.

What you’ll be doing
● As a full stack developer on our early engineering team, you will be the driving force behind our product and technological evolution, having
significant influence over its shape and direction.
● Take full ownership of features from conception to execution, including
planning, developing end-to-end and monitoring.

Who you are:
● You’re excited about the idea of joining and shaping an early stage startup, taking full ownership of significant parts of its evolution.
● You execute every task you set for yourself to perfection.
● You’re a product person, you love building things that shape the customer experience from start to finish, and you’re keen on being responsible for pushing the company towards success.
● Experience working with Typescript, NodeJS, GraphQL, and React.
● Experience with NestJS would be a big plus.

Feb 6, 8:58 AM

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