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Senior Full Stack Developer
Ludeo is a hyper-growth startup in the ga...

We are looking for a talented Senior Full Stack Developer to join our growing team, lead our platform architecture and ship multiple features at a rapid frequency and high efficiency. 
This is a unique opportunity to make a significant impact at the core of our product and become an integral part of its realization.

What you'll do:

- Build the Ludeo highly scalable, microservices based platform​ 
Implement new features from architecture design, through UI to backend and database​
- Ensure the development of a robust, safe, secure, highly available, and highly scalable product
- Develop in an agile, fast-paced environment, having a direct impact on the product trajectory​
- Take full responsibility and ownership over features and projects, collaborate with all teams, and help us meet business objectives​.
- Mentor, pair, and delegate work to encourage the professional and technical growth of those around you.

Preferred Qualifications:

- At least 7 years of hands-on experience developing real-life large front-end systems in React
- At least 7 years of hands-on experience developing backend with NodeJS and microservices
- Experience with database architecture, designing and efficiently querying SQL & NoSQL databases
- Experience with Git and GitHub/GitLab using related workflows
- Strong understanding of technologies including virtualization, containers, Docker, and Kubernetes - a big advantage

Feb 14, 2:43 PM

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