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Zenity is looking for Senior Software Engineer

Low-code/no-code platforms are placing more power in the hands of business professionals, allowing them to address their own needs rather than wait for IT. Unfortunately, it also opens the door for hackers and costly mistakes. Zenity is the world’s first and only security platform to help organizations adopt low-code/no-code development without compromising security and governance.
We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our team.
Do you value learning and seek to continuously grow? Do you find high engineering quality the way to go by default, and not be the exception? Do you believe open discussions and differences of opinion are the key to smart decision making? Do you wish to be in the security industry forefront, working on cloud based SaaS, creating a new market category for low-code/no-code security?
If this resonates with you, read on and reach out to us.


Assume ownership of features and deliver value to customers, understand their domain & use cases and challenge requirements
Design, develop and maintain microservices written with TypeScript & Python, deployed to AWS
Design data pipelines, RESTful APIs and microservices infra
Deliver high-quality reusable & maintainable code covered by tests, from unit tests to E2E tests, and monitored in production
Collaborate with team members via open discussions, design reviews, code reviews, etc


5+ years of experience as a Software Engineer
Experience with modern programming Languages: Python / JavaScript / C# / Java / Golang / Scala
Experience in writing code in Agile, CI/CD based environments
Advantage: experience working on large-scale cloud-based services

eldar1205@gmail.comSep 11, 1:04 PM

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