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Fullstack engineer
WiseStamp provides a world class SaaS pla...

We are looking for a skilled Fullstack software engineer to join the WiseStamp team and contribute to its continuous growth.


● At least 5 years of experience with developing enterprise grade services and
● At least 3 years of Web Fullstack development (nodeJS, typescript, python
and Vue3 and javascript)
● Great knowledge and experience of different data stores (RDBMS, NoSQL,
KeyStore, etc)
● 2 years of experience with Serverless services deployments and CI\CD
(terraform adv)
● Experience with Cloud platform operation and maintenance (GCP adv)
● Great communication skills and fluent English
● Energetic Team player
● Highly motivated, self-driven, independent


● Design, develop and test new features: following product requirements,
security guidelines and monitoring
● Support and maintain, take part in the team’s On-call routines
● Explore and design complex solutions including 3rd party integration
● Collaborating with product and development team members to deliver
impactful product features
● Bring initiatives and turn them into reality

Feb 26, 11:18 AM

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