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Berry Ventura Lev
Do you find it challenging to decide what is the next step that is right for you? If you are facing a career dilemma such as whether to stay in your current job, move to a different position in your current company, look for a new job or maybe starting your own company… OR If you know that you’ve had enough of what you are doing right now but are unsure about what should be your next step, come to the round table I will be hosting at indydevs. I plan to create a mini-workshop that will help you gain insights and bring you closer to making that decision. You will also get to meet other people with similar dilemmas and help them make their decision. Sounds interesting? Pick a question (or more) and share your answer here to initiate the discussion and reserve your spot at the table. * what is your current dilemma? * how do you usually make a decision? How have you made a decision in similar situation in the past? * looking into the future, regardless of what your choice will be what are you not willing to compromise? * which values would you like to honor when making your choice? * is there information that you need from other people's experience that will help you in your decision making? If so, go ahead, ask what you need to know...
20+ years in software engineering and man...

berry.ventura@gmail.comSep 28, 7:37 AM

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