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Hila Elkayam

Tech lead, team lead, employee experience specialist, DevRel

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Hila Elkayam
I'll be hosting a roundtable at indydevs 10/10 on Dev Guilds - concept, benefits, and tips on building guilds in R&D Orgs. Do you have a dev guild at your work? How do you ensure and foster quality and professionalism? Who are the members of the guild? Who is the guild master? How many people lead the guild? In what ways do you measure the adoption and implementation of guild developments & products within teams?

hilla.hagag@gmail.comSep 28, 7:05 AM
Hila Elkayam
Hey Indydevs network, Traditions in the workplace, especially within developer guilds, have always fascinated me, I've attached my article on the topic and I invite you to read it. I'm curious to hear about the unique customs and events in your R&D organizations. Whether you have professional dev guilds or not, there are interesting exmapled of traditions that everyone eagerly anticipates. At *One Zero Bank*, where I work, we have many amazing traditions, among them: 1. *Quarterly Guildfest*: At the end of each quarter, we host what we lovingly call a 'guildfest'. Here, every guild showcases what they've accomplished in the past quarter and shares their plans for the upcoming one. It's an event with great food and drinks, a real festival. 2. *TechTack Meetings*: To ensure we stay connected and updated, our guilds hold weekly 'techTack' sessions. During these, representatives from different teams present advancements and findings from the last week. It’s a fantastic way to share knowledge and inspire others with fresh insights. Now, over to you all - what are the events or traditions at your workplace or within your dev guilds that people eagerly wait for? How do you ensure that knowledge is shared, enthusiasm is maintained, and teams remain connected? Looking forward to hearing your stories! Warm regards, Hila
Tech lead, team lead, employee experience...

Oct 3, 8:53 AM

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