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Tony Arad Felik

With 25+ years of engineering and executive leadership experience, I empower managers and foster personal/group growth. Excited to make a difference!

I've worked at the critical junction of development, product, and business requirements, striving for optimal delivery and alignment with organizational needs. 

Having worked across diverse industries, small startups to large organizations, I have a proven track record of establishing groundbreaking projects at the forefront of technology, managing strategic projects involving both local and remote employee teams.

Strong relationships are my foundation.
As an Adler Institute certified Group Facilitator, I deeply understand people, dynamics, and relationships.

Above all, I have created and led winning and accomplished development teams! 
Teams that consistently deliver and secure success within the organization, 
High-performing teams that flourish by collaborating and conquering challenges together
Teams that inspire pride and foster a genuine sense of belonging!

I excel in:
>> Cultivating a development culture of connectedness, creativity, and innovation.
>> Accelerating organizational growth and forming new teams.
>> Streamlining onboarding processes and knowledge transfer.
>> Building cohesion in diverse teams with different languages and cultures.
>> Utilizing matrix leadership and influence without authority to manage workload and attrition, while maintaining balance.
>> Recruiting and retaining the right talent is my expertise. 

I deeply comprehend the challenges managers confront nowadays!

I find fulfillment in jointly tackling and solving the challenges they face.
I help them to balance between long-term vision and short-term urgency,
nurture employee growth alongside tasks and deadlines,
and foster work-life harmony to prevent burnout.

My holistic approach establishes a link between managers and the business context, organizational processes, and employees' passions and strengths.

By nurturing personal and managerial confidence with genuine care and empathy, 
I derive ultimate satisfaction from witnessing the managers I support grow in confidence, expand their responsibilities, and elevate their impact within the organization, ultimately contributing to the success of the entire organization.

Ready to elevate your managers to the next level? 
drop a message or email me at tonyfelik@gmail.com

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Tony Arad Felik
Hi all! I'll be hosting a roundtable talk at indydevs 10/10 about culture and engagement in remote teams. World-wide research found that only 12% of leaders say they’re fully confident their employees are productive. Join the conversation and share with us: Do you trust your remote teams to deliver on time? How productive are they? Can you share any tips from your experiences to help managers engage their remote teams?
With 25+ years of engineering and executi...

tonyfelik@gmail.comSep 28, 9:24 AM

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