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Generative AI and the Dream of Life

Mar 26, 1:42 PM
Soon every person on the planet will be able to create any website or app by merely describing it. Sweet Jesus! 

What apps shall we create? Certainly some e-commerce, social networks, fintech productivity boosters...

But we'll get bored of those immediately. The next exciting step will be VR. As hardware and AI improve, we shall certainly be able to create games and scenarios to our heart's delight. 

By specifying in your own natural language, you shall be able to create any VR scenario:

Chat-VR-AI, I want to experience being...

* ...a soldier in WWII, charging the enemy lines

* ...Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals of 2000 

* ...a brave knight, fighting the dragon to save the princess

The possibilities are endless: you will be able to experience whatever you want. We shall be limited only by your ability to suspend disbelief and not question the nature of your own reality. 

Now then, I shall channel my inner Alan Watts and ask you - if you could dream any dream that you wanted to, what would you choose to dream?

Certainly we would start by dreaming of being rich, popular, a brave hero -- but that gets old. How many times can you save the princess?

And now, well, I'll have to hand it over to Alan Watts:

"So then, let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and that you could, for example, have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time, or any length of time you wanted to have.

And you would, naturally, as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure you could conceive. And after several nights of 75 years of total pleasure each you would say “Well that was pretty great. But now let’s have a surprise, let’s have a dream which isn’t under control, where something is gonna happen to me that I don’t know what it's gonna be.

And you would dig that and would come out of that and you would say “Wow that was a close shave, wasn’t it?”. Then you would get more and more adventurous and you would make further- and further-out gambles what you would dream. And finally, you would dream where you are now. You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today.

That would be within the infinite multiplicity of choices you would have. Of playing that you weren't God, because the whole nature of the godhead, according to this idea, is to play that he is not. So in this idea then, everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality, not God in a politically kingly sense, but god in the sense of being the self, the deep-down basic whatever there is. And you are all that, only you are pretending you are not."[1, 2]

So then: have you questioned the nature of your reality?

* https://genius.com/Alan-watts-the-dream-of-life-annotated
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU0PYcCsL6o
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